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Getting Help and Support

Our online support groups are confidential, informal, friendly and always respect privacy.

They are run by trained facilitators and everyone will have a chance to speak if they wish to, or you can just listen. You will be under no obligation to say anything unless you wish to, but the warm and supportive atmosphere should make it easy to join in.

For more information on the groups or to find out what other support we can offer please telephone Wendy on 07716 639067 or email her:


Caring for anyone with an eating disorder can be stressful. Our online group will offer a safe and welcoming space for you to talk about your role and the impact it has had on you. You don’t need to be living with the person you are concerned about to take part.

It will allow you the opportunity to share your stories and experiences with people who understand what you are going through and look positively toward the future. Discussing ways of how you can develop coping strategies to help you take care of your own health and well being. Through a good support network, we can help you to be a more effective carer.

People with Eating Disorders

Anyone aged 18 or over with an eating disorder can attend. The online group will offer a safe, positive and welcoming space for anyone struggling with any kind of eating disorder or food-related problem. It will give you an opportunity to talk and express your feelings and concerns with those who know what it is like to have experienced an eating disorder. Remember you are not alone during the Covid-19 lockdown. We are here for you now and when it is over.