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  • Edaw2019

      02nd Mar 2019   

    Josie-Wren has suffered from Anorexia for five years...
    She has been strong with her determination against the disease.
    She has recently left hospital after suffering a relapse, proving that there is hope for recovery always.

     "Recovery is not a straight line. Be gentle with yourself."

  • Edaw 2019

      01st Mar 2019   

    Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2019

  • Edaw D4 2019

      28th Feb 2019   

    Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2019

  • Edaw D3B

      27th Feb 2019   

    Looking at these pics used to make me sad... but now it shows me how far I have come ❤️❤️❤️x

  • Edaw D3

      27th Feb 2019   

    Well this week is eating disorder awareness week, and it is an issue very close to my heart!   2 years ago, I developed anorexia... yip at the age of 36! Not something I ever thought would happen to me or anyone of that age!   How wrong was I eh? ☹️ today though makes me realise how far I have come, thanks to all my amazing family and friends and my beautiful children who gave me the inspiration to fight this illness and get through it!  I can never thank you all enough for the endless words of encouragement and support!!!   Also, during my recovery, I met my amazing partner, and I am so glad ...