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Welcome to the website of the Linda Tremble Foundation. We are a charity based in Fife dedicated to helping those with eating disorders. Please feel free to look around our website for information on eating disorders and our support group work.

This Foundation has been set up in memory of Linda Tremble who sadly lost her battle with Anorexia Nervosa in April 2011. Her family feel that this will be a lasting memorial to a young lady who helped and supported other people throughout the world via internet forums. The quote below is only one of many tributes that we received after her death.

“Linda was for many years an active member of a remarkable Internet community called ‘We Bite Back’, where she was an inspiration to women all over the world who suffered and struggled, as she did, with the task of recovery from eating disorders such as anorexia. She was vocal and forthright, and she wanted to change the way that eating disorders are viewed by the media and by the health care system. Her illness was pervasive. It is a tragedy that she did not receive the care that might have saved her from her isolation, especially as she grew more committed to moving on from her suffering and demanding more out of life. Linda was intelligent, wise, persistent and she was a good friend. She fought a long battle with despair, and she fought hard to recover from her eating disorder. She was an inspiration and a support to others. She was known for a quotation by Joan Baez: “action is the antidote to despair.” Linda did “bite back”, and she is missed and loved in our community.”

Kindest regards.
Rachel Nolan
[Co-moderator at We Bite Back.]